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Try our new onboarding for FREE NFTs, designed to give you an experience & to open your mind to the realm of possibilities on the horizon. Also, important to know we are still developing this onboarding system to become more & more seamless & stressless. Below is our old system and will soon be removed. Reach out to Slim anytime via our soicals for any help. Thank you and enjoy the rabbit hole ~ Slim

Get your NFT Wallet 


  • no need for identification or personal information

  • All ages welcome


Join Tokomex Discord

  • The Tokomex community will give you absolutely free cryptocurrencies to buy your first NFT


Get your NFT in your Wallet

  • ​Enjoy your experience using cryptocurrencies and NFT technology!


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Paso 2
Paso 3
Wallet Step 1

STEP 2: Join Tokomex Discord

  • The Tokomex community will give youabsolutely free cryptocurrenciesto buy your first NFT

  • You can experience the power of receiving cryptocurrencies free of charge!

STEP 1: Click the green button to sign up for Discord. Once registered, the link will direct you to our Tokomex Discord. If you already have Discord, click the green button to be directed to #sponsorme-nft-gratis

Screenshot 2022-06-12 7.22.26 PM.png

STEP 2: After you're on Discord, you'll land on this channel called #sponsor-me-nft-free!

  1. It will send a simple message with your NFT wallet ID, eg. Hello, sponser me please. my wallet ID is 0.0.XXXXXX - There is an example in the following video.

  2. Then one of our community members will be there right away to send a cryptocurrency called $hbar to your wallet ID.

  3. They will return the message confirming that they sent the $hbar, you will be prompted to go to the final step to get the NFT.

Paso 2: Tokomex Discord
Paso 3: Como obtener s NFT

STEP 3: Get your NFT in your Wallet​​

  • Enjoyyour experienceusing cryptocurrencies and NFT technology!

STEP 1 - Click the button below. Sign up for a free NFT Marketplace account. The following video will show you how it looks.

STEP 2: After signing up, connect your wallet. Before you can connect your wallet, make sure your Hashpack wallet is active. Then watch the video below on how to connect your wallet to the market.

STEP 3 - Click the button to finish the last step to get FREE NFT. The following video will show you how to buy NFTs with your cryptocurrency.

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