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twitter booster

Join the global NFT community on Twitter, specifically the Tokomex and HederaNFT community. Improve your Twitter account today!

  1. Make sure you have a twitter account first, it's super quick and easy to get one.

  2. Then send a tweet, simply CUT AND PASTE the pre-made tweet below,

  3. then hit the Tweet button! We'll then retweet it to invite community members to follow!

Screenshot 2022-06-15 6.56.06 PM.png

Hello 👋 #HBARbarians. I'm new to the #hederaNFT community. I just joined through #Tokomex IRL NFT Clubs. Please show me some #NFT love!💖🚀#boostme 🚀 please!🙏@Tokomex @MIGOS_W0RLD @NFT_Cryptology @AngryPenguinsC @PixelHApe @METAVISIONx @Hashs_NE $hbar LFG!

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Creators of NFT Youtube

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Creadores de NFT Youtube

NFT Resource Center

Coming soon -We will provide you with the exact information you need. We'll keep it simple, but it will be empowering!

How to find, research and buy good NFT projects?

What is the underlying technology of NFTs and how does it work?

What is Hedera Hashgraph? What is $hbar?

Centro de Recursos

NFT Markets

Coming soon - Much more

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Mercados NFT
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