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Robotic Process Automation

Free your employees to focus on high-value tasks by automating repetitive tasks

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How many of your employees are engaged in mundane, repetitive tasks? Spending their working hours on tasks such as information digitization, information retrieval, return reconciliation, document verification, etc. With the growth of AI technology, Robotic Process Automation has evolved to its next level in automating monotonous jobs with high precision and efficiency. . To gain an edge over the competition, business modernization must be a top priority.

Our robotic process automation expertise has helped a number of companies and organizations reduce the need for labor and therefore generate higher profit margins. Some of the automation work we have done for our clients includes automatic signature forgery detection for a prominent bank in Indonesia, automatic report generation for Tokio Marine Holdings, etc.

We are a Platinum Business Partner of Automation Anywhere, the most widely deployed automation solution in the world. We have also established partnerships with leading automation tools like Electroneek, Kryon to help our clients with custom solutions to automate their business processes.

Analyzing Data

Data Processing Automation

Data processing includes information retrieval, data authenticity checks, data cleansing, return reconciliations, data digitization, etc. These repetitive tasks consume a great deal of time and manpower. AI-powered RPA can automate these processes with high precision and efficiency. With RPA, you can easily automate,

  • Extraction of information from printed documents

  • Extraction of information from handwritten forms

  • data enrichment

  • Reconciliation of account statements

  • Digitization of documents and data entry.

  • Plus

Automation of Banking Processes

Banking, financial services, and insurance institutions are adopting robotic process automation to automate banking functions, increase capacity, and free up employees to focus on higher-value tasks and projects. RPA can streamline business processes, eliminate human error, and enable institutions to deliver a much better customer experience. Read this case study to learn how we helped a leading bank in Indonesia automate the check clearing process.

Data Processing

ERP automation

Efficient ERP is a must for business success. Wouldn't it be better if department managers and employees can focus on high-value tasks and white machines do repetitive tasks? Human resources, finance, supply chain, purchasing, and CRM departments can function much better with the help of RPA.

  • Automate recruitment management

  • Automate billing, statement processing

  • Automate reports

  • Automate customer engagement

  • Plus

Customer Service Automation

Happy customers are the basic necessity for the success of any business. By automating repetitive tasks in customer service, your employees can focus more on building the brand instead of engaging in monotonous tasks. Automate tasks like responding to customer inquiries, manual feedback collection, manual feedback processing, service registration process, etc.

Customer Paying at a Gas Station
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