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STEP 3: How to get your NFT in your Wallet

  • Learn toassociate a token.
    It's so easy and fast!

  • Enjoyyour experienceusing cryptocurrencies and NFT technology!

STEP 1: After receiving a message on Discord that $hbar. Now you need to open your NFT wallet again. Click on circle A of the puzzle piece. Next, click Hashpack in circle B. Then log in to your wallet with the password you saved.

STEP 2: After logging into the Hashpack NFT Wallet app, watch the video on how to associate a token. It plays in loops if you need to watch it again.

Do two things.

  1. Verify that you received the hbar cryptocurrency as in the video.

  2. Associate the ID of the NFT token.

STEP 3: After associating the Token ID, go back to the #sponsor-me-nft-free Discord channel!

  1. Send a message saying 'I received the $hbar and associated the NFT token ID.

  2. We then send you your NFT.

  3. Check that you have received your NFT as in the video.

  4. After you have received your NFT. Come back to Discord, where there will be many more NFTs and value to offer you. We have other projects with free NFTs.


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